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Tongji University
 Women In Leadership helped me develop my own managerial style within my company, with insights in negotiation and teamwork efficiency. 
It provided me the opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices on an international level.
Furthermore, it allowed me to build a competent women’s professional network, holding responsibility positions in various professional sectors.

Rezlaine Zaher    
MBA 2013    

Communications Manager    




 Customer Relations Management challenged my business way of thinking as I realise how important it was to manage our interactions with our current but also future clients. Back to work, it helped me set up an efficient CRM system combining synchronised sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.
Later, European Integrated Marketing Communications helped me undertake my biggest challenge: making a Chinese brand appealing to European consumers. 

Yanhui Xue    
MBA 2014    

Country Manager    



 The International Strategy and Structure elective’s academic framework took the class way beyond the core strategy courses, and at the same time maximised the Executive dimension of the Executive MBA. Through its interactive structure, it leveraged our professional experience for the study of case studies, such as joint ventures in China, outsourcing in Eastern Europe, and minority shareholders in the retail industry, amongst others. Not only did we explore ten strategy development frameworks throughout the elective, but also the challenges and opportunities they offered from an inside perspective.    

 Gaël Guillou    
MBA 2014    

Founding Partner    



  Getting genuine insights from the diversity in the Brazilian culture in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro was a real privilege. Speakers and professors from outstanding academic partners gave me a true understanding of the current business practices in the region. From a personal standpoint, it combined concerns around my core business and my passions: supply chain challenges in an emerging country with infrastructure growth opportunities, and sports management with the 2014 FIFA Football World Cup and the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games. I was absolutely thrilled.   

 Hussein Oz Houssami    
MBA 2014    

Smarter Commerce Sales Executive    



 This International Consulting Project was an amazing experience. It was unique as the sponsor was also the customer and the project was a real entrepreneurial case. Leading an ICP team is an experience that allows for learning in every aspect. We met in live meetings or conference calls and engaged in multiple start-up events (meeting with prospects, training, pitch contests, etc.). The overarching goal of all these actions was to maintain the momentum that drives a team to attain its objective.  

Didier Baptiste    
MBA 2014    

S&B Digital    



 I started as a General Management Programme participant and followed 9 Core Courses that helped me appreciate the cross-functional aspects of my new job. My company was so thrilled with the experience that they encouraged me to go on with the Executive MBA programme. The 30-month length of the programme was convenient for my busy schedule, and split the cost over the period. I can now benefit from a larger network including two intakes: GMP 2013 and MBA 2015 classes.   

Erwan Legros    
GMP 2013, MBA 2015    

Sales Executive    
Fives Stein Limited