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7 Executive MBA scholarships to offset tuition fees for outstanding candidates whose profiles will help further the School's mission of creating a learning environment dedicated to excellence, multiculturalism and diversity. 

You can apply once you have been acceptd to the programme. All applications will have to be filled before Friday 28th November, 2014.

Scholarships worth €10,000 each are offered based on merit.


>  Scholarship for Women Leaders 

open to women who demonstrate excellence in leadership and the ability to support the development of their female peers


>  NGO/Not-for-Profit Scholarship 

open to employees of an NGO or Not-for-Profit organisation


>  Scholarship for Entrepreneurs 

open to entrepreneurs who have successfully launched a new business


>  Emerging Market Scholarship 

open to all admitted nationals of an emerging market country and employed by a company whose headquarters are in their home country


>  SME Scholarship 

open to all company sponsored employees of a small or medium-sized enterprise (based in Europe) with no more than 250 employees worldwide