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Tongji University

80 affiliate faculty members, more than 700 adjunct members, 40 visiting professors every year.

   Frédéric Fréry 

   Dean of the Executive MBA and Chairholder of the KPMG Governance, Strategy, Risks and Performance  Chair.

His research focuses on strategy, innovation and virtual corporations. Following his article ‘The Fundamental Dimensions of Strategy’, published in the MIT Sloan Management Review, Frédéric Fréry now explores each of these three dimensions: Value, Imitation & Perimeter. His current research focuses on the economic and cultural implications of the ‘Barriers to Imitation’ concept.

  Marion Festing

  Chairholder of the Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership Chair; Director of the Berlin Campus.

     She is the author of numerous articles on International Human Resource Management and related fields. Recently, she was nominated for the Best Paper Award at the Academy of Management in Philadelphia for her work in the field of Transnational Human Resource Management Processes and International Careers.

  Jérôme Couturier

  Professor of Strategy;  Dean of the Executive MBA, London Campus.

   He teaches Business Strategy, Business Transformation and Innovation, and International Management. His research is concentrated on enterprise transformation, evidence-based management, international development strategies, performance management, implementation of strategic indicators, and more generally on growth strategies. He regularly consults with various companies to test and implement his ideas. He is author of articles, policy papers, books, case studies and papers presented at international research conferences.

   Frank Jacob

   Professor of Marketing; Dean of the Executive MBA, Berlin Campus.

     His research interests centre on Business and Service Marketing, and have resulted in numerous publications addressing both the business and the research community. He lectures at in-company programmes from various industries both in Europe and beyond.

  Stefan Schmid 

  Professor of International Management and Strategic Management, as well as Intercultural Management at the Berlin, Paris and Madrid Campuses.

    He is a member of numerous academic associations and has strong links to the world of business. He has more than 100 publications. His book Internationales Management (with M. Kutschker) is the best-selling German textbook in the field.

  Miguel Palacios 

  Professor of Entrepreneurship and Organisational Behaviour;

  Dean of Executive Education, Madrid Campus. 

    He has worked, among other places, in R&D and operations both for large volume and large scale customised products for Alcatel and in management consulting for Diamondcluster (now Oliver Wyman), in the areas of strategy, marketing and start-up development for international clients in several countries. His research interests and field of publications include new business models and new ventures (including corporate venturing), with a special focus on technologically-driven innovations.


  Silvio Marenco 

  Dean of the Executive MBA, Torino Campus.

     He started as an Executive Manager for Bain & Company, in the areas of industrial planning and value building analysis (textile field, Growth Strategy and Category Management), DIY retailing and Strategic planning of new distribution formats and Category Management (food retailing). He is the founder of the following start-ups: YouAbroad Srl, Great Vista Bridging Horizons Co. Ltd. and Build It Up. His research interests and publications concern the adaptation of Italian business models to the Indian market.

 Isaac Getz

 Professor of Idea, Involvement and Innovation Management.

    He conducts research and publishes on diverse topics related to innovation, management, corporate excellence, vision and growth. He is also an active speaker on the topics of idea andinnovation management, employee initiative and involvement, and corporate excellence and change. His work on idea management and excellence has brought him into over one hundred leading companies in France and around the world.

  Emmanuel Zilberberg

  Professor of Accounting and Management Control.

    His research, based on the principles of Accounting and Management Control, integrates the price parameter which, much more than volume, represents a primary leverage of performance. He investigates the impact of pricing polices on both the activity and profitability of the firm (profitable growth and profit margin).

 Véronique Tran 

 Professor of People Management.

    Her primary research focus examines the interaction of emotions with decision-making processes in management teams. During her post-doctoral studies, she had the opportunity to research creativity and innovation processes and how they unfold across levels of organisations. Her research interests are in the area of emotion socialisation and emotion regulation.

 Vanessa Strauss-Kahn 

 Professor of Economics.

    She has worked for the World Bank in Washington, D.C., the Inter-American Development Bank, as well as for the United Nations Development Programme on specific missions. She teaches microeconomics, managerial economics, and several topics related to international trade, globalisation and regulation. Her research focuses on the role of intermediate inputs in enhancing firms’ productivity and export growth; the dynamic of exports and the role of experience; and export products diversification and its link with a country’s development process. She also studied company location decisions, clustering effects, and outsourcing decisions and the impact therein on the labour market.