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    Barbara Legras  EMBA 2015

    Export Director


   The ESCP Europe Executive MBA is a great opportunity to understand how corporations work and how you can best contribute to them. It also helps you to challenge your assumptions, to meet with people from other business fields and other countries, and to interact with them and improve your skills. The programme is above all a great human experience, allowing you to learn not only about others but also yourself. It is something you should not miss.

   Tamara Kucelj   EMBA 2014

   Affiliates Supervisor

   International Retail Banking

   Société Générale

   The ESCP Europe Executive MBA is an exceptional experience that will change your life and way of thinking. It is an intense intellectual and emotional journey, providing a perfect combination of hard- and soft-skill courses. Its international dimension goes beyond its European identity, addressing as it does emerging markets and the US. Besides professional and personal development opportunities, you will have the chance to meet many exceptional people that will stand by your side throughout the programme’s challenges.

   Peter Lindqvist  EMBA 2014

   Account Manager Oil & Gas EMEA
   Trimble Navigation

   If you want a world-class Executive MBA in an international environment while keeping your job, a programme that combines academic theory with the real world application, and to improve your leadership and strategy skills, then the ESCP Europe Executive MBA is the right choice and right place to be.

   Jérôme de Guigné  EMBA 2014

   Development Director

  Let’s be practical: which Executive MBA in the world has regular courses in five different countries? Which MBA gives you the real opportunity to network with so many nationalities? I know of just one: the ESCP Europe Executive MBA. It will offer you an unforgettable experience travelling around Europe, meeting up with Germans, British, French, Italians, Spanish, Chinese…

   Beryl Fellous  EMBA 2013

   Legal counsel
   France Alcoa

  Coming from a legal counsel background, I had an exceptional experience studying for the Executive MBA. The financial and strategy takeaways were particularly strong. My company was very supportive of taking my career to a global level, and the Executive MBA’s international seminars were a great help in better understanding the many ways of doing business.

   Rosario Garcia Pecci  EMBA 2012

   Compliance Senior Manager

   Grunenthal Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

   When joining the Executive MBA class, I had been working as an internal auditor for five years. I wanted to improve my career path and gain a better understanding of business and managerial skills. In the middle of the programme, a headhunter called me about a new position for the Spanish subsidiary of a German company. When she found out I was taking the ESCP Europe Executive MBA, the offer suddenly changed to Compliance Senior Manager. The international exposure and managerial toolkit I gained during the programme were key success factors in getting this new position.

   Sebastian Schubert  EMBA 2011

   Head of Quality and Infrastructure

   Uhlmann Pac-Systeme


   When I began my Executive MBA in 2010, I was a sales support engineer based in Laupheim, Germany. Directly after finishing the programme I started in my new position as head of quality and infrastructure in Jinzhou, China. The international exposure I received during the programme, including the intercultural team projects we carried out, is helping me tremendously in my work today.

   Vikram Mordani  EMBA 2009

   Director Sales & Marketing


   My goal for the Executive MBA was to experience the globalised world from a European standpoint. The five campuses gave me the opportunity to travel and experience five different worlds within Europe alongside a mix of international students. The flexibility of the course structure accommodated our diverse schedules and geographical bases: I was able to travel from India to attend the classes every six weeks.

   Daphné Bijon EMBA 2008


   Le Koutchoulou

   After graduating, I set up a consultancy company in Dubai that provides assistance to foreign companies looking to develop their business activities in the Middle East. Quite a jump from my former career in banking, and one I would not have achieved without my Executive MBA! I don’t regret committing to 18 months of study that gave me both the knowledge and the confidence to launch myself as an entrepreneur and realise my dreams!

   Ali Nouri  EMBA 2007

   Regional Vice President

   Areva Middle East

   After working as an R&D engineer for 15 years, I wanted to increase my business exposure, particularly in the area of sales and business development. My classmates had positions similar to the one I wanted and came from different industry sectors. The Executive MBA was the door-opener that allowed me to make my career change.