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You are required to complete 9 electives choosing from the School’s portfolio in six campuses and/or through our partnership with the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. The electives cover a variety of topics and provide sufficient flexibility for you to design a tailored courses module for yourself. 

 3 electives in Tongji University Shanghai associated campus  


 12 electives in Paris Campus 

 • Problem Solving and Decision Making

 • Women in Leadership

 • Unleashing Professional and Personal Talent with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

 • Entrepreneurial Toolbox

 • Personal Impact in Communication

 • Analysis and Management of Accounting Key Performance Indicators

 • Managing Self and Others

 • Idea Management

 • Negotiation

 • International Business: Assessing and Managing the Risks

 • Strategic Cost Accounting

 • Strategic Leadership


 6 electives in London Campus 

• Understanding Competitiveness           • Mergers and Acquisitions, LBO, and Private Equity
• Emerging Business Models • European Integrated Marketing Communications
• Risk Management

• Understanding Capital Markets


 7 electives in Berlin Campus 

• Services Management

• Managing Self and Others

• Unleashing Professional and Personal Talent with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

• Corporate Compliance and Crisis Management

• Human Resources for Executives

• International Contract Law

• International Strategy and Structure


 3 electives in Madrid Campus 

• Creating Global Teams                       • Innovation: a Key Factor for Growth

 • Futures and Options: Corporate Hedging Strategies


 4 electives in Torino Campus 

• Brand Management                            • Personal Impact in Communication
• Luxury Management • Personal Leadership Skills


 1 elective in Brussels 

During the European Business Environment Seminar

• Sustainable Development and Corporate Strategies


 12 electives delivered by the Hertie School of Government Faculty 

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍• Leadership and Personal Management

• Cut-back Management

• Social Innovation

• Political Communication

• A New Interplay Between the State Business and Civil Society

• Performance Management

• Politics of Reform in International Institutions

• Leadership: Concepts, Frameworks and Practices

• Stakeholder Communication

• Strategic Management

• Energy Sustainability and Climate Change

‍‍• A new Interplay between the State, Business, and Civil Society