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The Executive MBA includes five week-long seminars designed to explore a specific theme related to the business environment.

They also provide you with great opportunities to share your knowledge and experience with your Executive MBA peers.



1.Organisational Change and Leadership Induction Seminar

Location: France, Paris (tbc)

Date: January 2015

Participants gain a deeper understanding of company structures and processes, develop analytical skills in order to examine patterns of organisational change, and assess today’s key management issues.



2.European Business Environment Seminar

Location: Belgium, Brussels

Date: April 2015

This seminar highlights the structure and functioning of European institutions and their influence on the business environment, as well as macro economical challenges, competition regulations, lobbying techniques and practices, and EU relations with other regional markets.



3.Regional Leadership Seminar

Optional Location

Brazil: San Paulo, Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa (INSPER) and Rio de Janeiro, Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV)

China: Beijing, Tsing Hua University

India: New Delhi, Management Development Institute (MDI) and Ahmedabad, Indian Institute of Management (IIMA)

Date: October 2015

In the current context of globalisation, the ability to lead projects in developing countries is highly valued by companies. The focus of this seminar is on reviewing the major issues firms have to deal with when developing projects in these regions.



4.Innovation Management Seminar

Location: USA, location to be confirmed

Date: March 2016

The flexibility of the North American business culture, which fosters innovation, is highlighted in this seminar, enabling our participants to understand the shift from a production to a knowledge-based economy and the resulting role of innovation.



5.Closing Seminar

Location: Spain, ESCP Europe Madrid Campus

Date: June 2016

This synopsis seminar is devoted to integrating the skills and knowledge acquired during the programme through case studies and testimonials focused on strategy implementation and leadership styles.