A Fantastic Party in the Spring Breeze | 2017 Tongji SIMBA Suzhou Alumni Reunion
Published:2017-04-24 00:00:00 Views:4194

Since its establishment in 2000, Tongji University SIMBA has more than 1,200 alumni till now. Among them, 180 are from Suzhou and its surrounding cities and they play an active role in the local industry, business and financial areas.

As a service platform, business platform and LOHAS platform for the alumni, SIMBA Suzhou Alumni Association initiated the alumni activity early in 2003. And since 2009, the alumni association regularly organized the annual alumni reunion party which played the role as the bridge of sharing resources and exchanging information.  

On April 22, 2017 Suzhou alumni annual party was successfully held in the Yacht of Suzhou Higher Hotel.

Nearly 50 alumni participated in this annual reunion party by gathering from different regions in Suzhou or even some are from Shanghai and surrounding cities. It is a great opportunity for the alumni who are busy in their career and business to take a break and exchange opinions on the economy development trends, investment chances and cooperation possibilities.

 Now let's enjoy the fantastic alumni party by viewing the photos.

Hey! Let’s have a rehearsal, my partner!

The lecture shall be interrupted by applause.


I’ve heard a lot about you. Now I finally have the chance meet you. Here is my business card.

What’s your investment portfolio of 2017? Any suggestions?

SIMBA is full of very talented alumni.

Special thanks to SIMBA Suzhou Alumni Association Committee for the preparatory work of annual party.