SIMBAer Return Day on the 110th Anniversary of Tongji University
Published:2017-05-22 16:27:48 Views:5467

On May 20, 2017, a variety of lectures, forums, reunion activities organized by different colleges and alumni associations were carried out in full bloom all over the Tongji University. Alumni who graduated in different years, taking different occupations gathered in the campuses of Tongji University from all over the world to celebrate this special festival. Some alumni come to the mother university together with their families and babies to share the happy moment with the beloved ones.

Every year, in the later spring, the annual SIMBAer Return party will be held in Tongji campus as well. And this year, the SIMBAer Return day took place on the same day of the 110th Anniversary of Tongji University. As part of the whole cerebration activities, SIMBA organized the scientific lectures with the theme of “be keen to the technology, be concerned to the health”.

The executives of the high technology companies introduced the applications of VR / AR technology in the medical industry to the SIMBA alumni and their families.

The director of Critical Care Medicine from Zhangzhou Zhengxing hospital made a special lecture on the first aid and some emergency treatment tips.

So many alumni ranging from FT1 to PT15 joined the activities in the SIMBAer Return Day .Some came in groups together with their classmates, while others took their SIMBA babies, families and friends with them. The alumni came back to reunite with different combination but the same passionate.

The learning pass medals

Here are the FT1 alumni who came from the first intake of SIMBA students.

SIMBA alumni from Suzhou and their friends