Theme: Managing Legal Risks in the Global Market Place

Lecturer: Dr. Philip S. Griffin

Juris Doctor - University of Oregon, School of Law

Attorney at Law- Clarke Griffin Law Group, LLC.

Time: 2014. Oct. 17 (Friday evening)

6:30-7:00pm    Registration

7:00-7:30pm    SIMBA Introduction

7:30-9:00pm    Lecture

Venue: Sino-French Center Building, 1239 Siping Road, Tongji University, Shanghai

Lecture Description:           

Dr. Philip S. Griffin is a trial attorney expert in providing transactional, negotiation and litigation services in the areas of complex business litigation, international dispute resolution, contract law, insurance and commercial law, products liability and appellate law.  Extensively involved in transnational business between China, the United States and elsewhere in Asia.

In this lecture, international Business Trial Lawyer Griffin will provide a quick, well-illustrated and entertaining overview of the common legal risks that confront businesses which are operating in the global market place. These risks included products liability, loss of intellectual property and the resolution of international business disputes.  Mr. Griffin will cover each of these legal risks and provide tips on how a business can avoid legal dangers in all of these areas. Mr. Griffin welcomes audience questions during and after the lecture.