SIMBA Alumni Activity: A Visit to "Industry 4.0-Intelligent Factory Laboratory"
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Dear alumni,


"Industry 4.0" seems to have spread all over the world overnight. We all dream of living in a great era with major transition and prospecting prospecting the future of the world.


Premier Li Keqiang signed the strategic cooperation framework of Industry 4.0 during his visit to German and put Industry 4.0 to a national strategy level. SIMBA is the first business school in China held the lecture on topic of Industry 4.0 in December 2014, which enlightened the participants and alumni greatly. As a series activity, SIMBA would like to invite alumni to visit the "Industry 4.0-Intelligent Factory Laboratory" in Tongji University.


As the first domestic conceptual laboratory guided by Industry 4.0, it was set up by Sino-German College Applied Sciences of Tongji University with the cooperation of Germany companies dedicated to automatic control after one-year-effort. There were series of digital control processing, such as robots, numerically controlled lathe and vital fabrication plant. There were also control software and support software such as sliding parallels controlled by robots, convertible frequency conveyor, intelligent camera and plenty of servers. The system integrates the hardware to achieve the intelligent communicative and cooperative work with the assistance of sophisticated control strategy and support software. Differing from traditional industrial assembly lines which produce identical product, every product in the laboratory can be designed and customized.


Time: 10:00-11:30 am, 28th March, 2015 (Saturday)

       10:00-10:30 Introduction of laboratory

       10:30-11:30 Visit to laboratory

Venue: Jishi Building, Jiading Campus of Tongji University, 4800 Cao'an Road, Shanghai

Registration: Please click here to register (closing date: 18th March)

Please fill in the application form with your car number plate to get the entry permission if you drive there.