Theme: Clinical Bioinformatics: A paradigm change in Medicine

Lecturer: Jacques S. Beckmann

Head of Clinical Bioinformatics | Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Prof. of Human Genetics | University of Lausanne

Time: 2014. Nov. 18 (Tuesday evening)

6:15-6:45pm Registration

6:45-7:00pm SIMBA Introduction

7:00-8:30pm Lecture

Venue: Sino-French Center Building, 1239 Siping Road, Tongji University, Shanghai

Lecture Description:

There have always been interactions between the fields of medicine and biology, but never before have these been so strong. Recent developments in biological and medical sciences, i.e., the emergence of cost-effective, high throughput, data-generating technologies will have a major impact on the daily practice of medicine. We anticipate that the translation of these various types of Big Data to the benefit of a patients’ health and well-being will radically change medical practice: it will contribute to a shift from the traditional organ-based, evidence-based medical paradigm to data-driven individualized or precision medicine, wherein “patients” will be seen as a whole and complex system.