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     Director of Studies 

     Department of Management Science and Innovation, University College London

     Module: Managerial Accounting



· Doctorate in Education, Institute of Education, University of London;

· Masters in Administrative Sciences, City University Business School, London.




· 2010 Forthcoming: Determinants of Performance in a Distance Learning Accounting Course: Perceptions of Students and Implications for Educators; European Accounting Association,stanbul, Turkey, May 2010;

· 2010 The Use of Environmental Management Accounting Information by Manager is in Companies in China: Matching Theory with Reality: Sustainability Conference, University of Cuenca, Ecuador, January 2010;

· 2009 The Theory and Reality of ABC Implementation:Perceptions of Managers in China Companies; European Accounting Association, Tampere, Finland, May 2009

· 2007 Accounting and Finance Syllabi: Are Students Practising What We Preach?; British Accounting Association, South West Regional Group,University of West England, Bristol;

· 2006 Implementing Resource Accounting & Budgeting:Perspectives of Users; Association of Business Historians Annual Conference, London.



· 2010.9: The 5th“Yangtze River delta University Management Science and Engineering Collaboration Network”, Organized by Tongji University, Organizer Representative.etc.

· 2010.8: The 16th “Cross?Strait Academic Conference on Information Management Development and Relevant Strategy”, Organized by City University of Hong Kong, Conventioner;

· 2010.6: Service Science (SSME) and Our Country Economy Reforming Forum, Organized by Tongji University, Organizer Representative;

· 2009.11: The 7th China Management Science and Engineering Forum, Organized by HuaZhong University of Science and Technology, Conventioner;

· 2009: The Second International Workshop on Institutional Supply Chain Management, Organized by XianJiaoTongUniversity, Conventioner.

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