Voices of Participants


On the Journey: from Good to Great

University of Edinburgh Business School is located in Edinburgh—a city renowned for its long history—where we are about to enjoy the fascinating exchange study life. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland but Scottish is quite foreign to our ears and every time the immigration officers have to repeat their inquiries before we can understand them. With the blue sky and pleasant weather, the whole city is imbued with reserve and historical connotations—everywhere buildings with a history of one century and the mottled walls glittered by sunshine.
As one of the six oldest and largest universities in Great Britain, Edinburgh University was established in 1583 and has grown to be the cradle of talents. Without walls, the campus appears to be an integral part of the community and lies next to streets. Generally the one-month exchange study trip plays an important role in expanding my horizons, enriching relevant knowledge, developing friendships, accumulating business experience and exchanging reflections in particular, which is considered as a lifelong treasure to me.
Refection 1: With modern facilities and advanced educational information system, learning environment there is quite wonderful. We exchange students can enjoy all the facilities the same as full-time students, which gives us a strong sense of belonging. Moreover, we have access to every place in the campus and can go there freely with the student card. As the student card holder, more convenience is to be found. Simple adjustments of the email box’s settings enable the automatic receptions of open emails which include course information, extracurricular activities and working opportunities.
Reflection 2: The dean in charge of this exchange study trip is enthusiastic and considerate. She provides us with timely information on course arrangement and relevant procedures. Director Tony Kinder, on the other hand, is very communicative and his care for us can be best shown by his elaborate preparation for our mini-network party.
Reflection 3: Students there come from different parts of the world and with different skin colors—a fantastic learning environment for cultural blending indeed.
Reflection 4: Sharp distinction between Chinese and western cultures. The courses taken there include Business to Business Marketing, Business Coaching, Merger & Acquisition, Global Strategy, and Lean Business. Based on what we learn and experience there, the in-class group discussion and role-play reveal the cultural differences to the fullest degree.
Reflection 5: Diligent MBA students. Both part-time and full-time MBA students are pursuing their degrees with a serious attitude. It is not unusual for them to work on a case study till midnight and get up as early as 6 a.m. next morning to email group members their proposals or solutions.
Reflection 6: SIMBA students with strong professional background. On one hand, we all have working experience of around 10 years; on the other hand, the majority of us work in multinational companies, which prepares us with foresight and rich management experience.
Reflection 7: Excellent professors of SIMBA from world leading business schools. Some ordinary courses offered by SIMBA can be compared to those considered advanced in Edinburgh University, not to mention our core courses. Thus, with inexpensive cost and perfect outcome, SIMBA is truly a wise choice for those who are thinking of their MBAs.
Feedback is a gift! Whether positive or not, it is a gift worth being long cherished. Finally, let’s value the exchange experience and try to transform from good to great.
---Sally ZHOU
SIMBA PT11, Edinburgh study trip from 21st April to 13th May, 2012
Two years’ study in SIMBA plus three years’ application of the theories in my work field give  me a strong believe that SIMBA has made a great positive influence on my professional career and my choice to study with SIMBA was a right decision.
What impressed me most in SIMBA is the well structured courses and the extensive alumni network. Concepts of Strategic Management, Operations, Marketing, and Human Resources are the basics for a company executive. The knowledge of these courses and the new way of thinking brought by world-class professors not only gave me good insights into my daily operational work, but also laid solid foundation for me in managing a corporation. Besides, the Alumni network and various activities provided us a good platform for communication, and a balance for both work and life.
I believe that SIMBA will bring its strong influence to more and more SIMBA participants and alumni.
General Manager; Shanghai Air-Tec Compressor Solutions Co.,Ltd;


"What I have learnt here is Value-based management and the exposure to culture diversity which is brought in by both teachers and students.
    SIMBA gives me a platform on which I can evaluate business issues in different angles and know internal customers' needs as a partner."
---QIAN Jie PT5A
(QIAN has been newly appointed as HSE and Regulatory Affairs Manager for Greater China, International Paint under Akzo Nobel.) 


"I had great learning experience and wonderful time in Edinburgh University. Although the full-time program has little difference from SIMBA part-time program in terms of teaching approach and contents, but the experience is unique, discussion with team members with different nationalities; study modern management concepts in the building surrounded by more than 500 years old buildings...

The most valuable asset I get from this trip is the Knowledge of Brand Management. The course was brilliant. The professor not only taught us the academic theory, but also the powerful and practical knowledge. During the break, I had a discussion with some of students regarding the quality of the course. All of  them told me the professor was the best faculty they had so far. "  
---Casey WU PT7
Before entering SIMBA, LI Xiaoming acted as the product manager of a natural gas company in Changsha. Five years later since his graduation, LI now works as the Deputy Director of R&D and Manufacture of JK Chemical Sweden, General Manager of Suzhou Weilun Institute of Chemistry Ltd., in which he oversees the overall operation of the whole system of research and manufacture.
As for the study in SIMBA, he said “The global network of SIMBA connected me with many other elites, who taught me a lot besides the faculty. Secondly top faculty of SIMBA taught me prevailing knowledge and mindset. Thirdly the networking of SIMBA pooled the knowledge and the experience of many resources together, and helped me to improve my own skills.” Upon the personal growth, LI further added, “First and foremost it is a holistic understanding in running a business. Then the leading belief and the theories made me know more of management. Lastly it is the tool and mindset as a manager, which helped me to solve real problems.”                  
 ---LI Xiao Ming FT2
“During the study in SIMBA, my classmates mostly served the multinational companies, which offered me an ideal platform. The communication and pooling with the classmates can much widen my former horizon in the state owned enterprise.”
---GU Qiang PT3
Key Account Manager of Wittur Elevator


“In SIMBA Study, I gained most in the understanding of management knowledge. My financial background set certain boundaries to my growth and SIMBA opened a door to the whole system of management knowledge. Operation, marketing, human resources, and strategy greatly enriched my understanding. Before SIMBA study I was near a bottle neck. After the study the promotion was quite natural after the company started to appreciate my elevation. With regard to this, my choice of SIMBA justified its value.

 ------XIE Zhong Ming PT6
Chief Manager of China Merchant Bank


In the end of April, 2005, I went to ENPC Paris to have 2 weeks exchange program. Literary, it is my 2nd visit in Paris, while as a foreign student, it is my very first time in my life. This trip is full of expectation and inspiration.
There are around 30 students in the class, in which 50% are exchange students, far more than I expected. They came from Russia, Finland, Turkey, Germany, Spain and US etc.. During the lunch time, 6 people sitting around one table, realizing that they were coming from 6 different countries, typical international MBA. Just imagine, 30 students, from different countries, diversified academic background and working experience, the study itself is full of fun and surprise. After 2 weeks study, I made a lot of friends in ENPC, and one of my classmates even kindly invited me to his home in Edinburgh in UK afterwards.
---SIMBA PT4 Vivian Zhang with Professor Dermot McAleese in Tritiny College, Dublin, Ireland


"Some beautiful memories never fade in your life. SIMBA is one of these. In the past 2 years, SIMBA not only brought us the comprehensive knowledge on business practices, but also an excellent team of alumni PT3. On top of these, SIMBA helped us climbing up the new ladder of our career.
2 years ago, I tentatively applied for a job in Ryder as Regional Business Development Manager Asia Pacific with the belief that SIMBA will complement my weakness in my job if there were challenges.
Today, I become one of the key members of Ryder Steering Committee on China Strategy globally and an exclusive Chinese on the China Strategy Team. I grow up with SIMBA. What I have learned from SIMBA rewarded me with good performance and achievement in my job. SIMBA gives me the confidence to realize my dream: to make a successful Ryder in China market. Ryder is one of the Fortune 500 companies providing end to end supply chain logistics solutions for many industries.
Good times always flash. It is the time to conclude a happy ending to the 2 years' SIMBA life. However, this will be a brand new start for us. With the knowledge equipped by SIMBA, the team effort of the alumni from SIMBA and the expectations from the professors from SIMBA, we are confident to say: we can shoulder more responsibilities and create more value to our society. "
---Yu Hai Xia Regional Business Development Manager Asia Pacific RyderSIMBA PT3 Participant


"Before entering SIMBA, I regarded SIMBA as just a certificate, given that I was quite confident in business administration since I had held various different high positions in a multinational company.But now, only one and half years later, I am surprised by what I gained from SIMBA.
Firstly because of its excellent and integrated course design, such as the multicultural courses which reflects the sprite of famous international feature of its parent school--- ENPC-MBA, ( e.g. Multicultural team building, Business and meeting of Eastern and Western Civilizations, Joint Seminar with the MBA students of the Israeli Technion Institute, International Exchange program and the Europe Study Trip); as well as multiple ways of improving skills through courses such as oral presentation skills, written presentation skills, quantitative analysis, business law, MIS and strategic thinking.
Secondly because of its top courses taught by top professors from top universities like, IMD, ENPC Paris, TRINITY College, CAMBRIDGE UK, Rotterdam Business School Netherlands, Warwick University, The TECHNION).
The other is its excellent alumni network, the young executives, officials and entrepreneurs from different industries gather here and grow up together.
So for me SIMBA means surprise today, and will mean miracle tomorrow! "
Ma Jun
Large Industry Project Manager China
Air Liquide China


"In my opinion, SIMBA is the best probably in China in terms of the reputation of its faculty members and the quality of courses offered. Students acquire the perspective and skills that global companies seek. The uniqueness of SIMBA is not only its international focus (Europe and China), but also its broad coverage of economic and business issues, which offer the flexibility to specialize in a student's particular area of interest.


It is not an overstatement to say that SIMBA opened my eyes and my mind to see and understand the challenges facing the business environment in China through the ways that any other academic program would be hard-pressed to emulate. I am truly grateful, and still look back fondly on the two years that I spent in SIMBA."
---SIMBA Graduate (PT1)
Hirodazu Horikawa
Assistant to General Manager
Shanghai SHARP Electronics Co.,Ltd.

 “I am a foreigner in China, but certainly not any more a stranger. This is to great part due to my MBA studies at SIMBA. Not only have I gained knowledge on how to act on international business platforms, but also shared experiences with my fellows on our both different cultures.
Personally I have achieved a personal goal: that is to complete my engineering background with an MBA degree. That it is "made in China" is of very special value, hence here we are in the center of major business activities and economical growth. My middle term plans are to contribute to this growth and share the benefits out of it, as a successful Manager and Businessman. Certainly will be the connections to SIMBA alumni of great importance for the achievement of these plans.”
---SIMBA Graduate (PT1) Nuri Tekin
Shanghai-Branch Business Unit Manager