Code Title Choice
101 Introduction to Accounting & Finance Attendance exemptible while must pass the exam
102 Basics of Calculus, Statistics & Analysis Attendance exemptible while must pass the exam
104 Oral & Written Presentation Skills Mandatory
2.Business, Finance & Economics
Code Title Choice
201 Global Business Economics Compulsory
203 Managerial Accounting Compulsory
204 Corporate Finance Compulsory
206 Introduction to Chinese Economy Limited Optional
207 Investment Management  Limited Optional
208 Business Plan Limited Optional
3.International Marketing & Global Strategy
Code Title Choice
301 Marketing I Compulsory
302 Strategic Management Compulsory
303 Marketing II Limited Optional
304 Technology Strategy & Innovation Management Open Optional
305 Entrepreneurship Open Optional
4.Business Development & New Technologies
Code Title Choice
401 Management Information Systems Compulsory
402 Project Management Limited Optional
403 Global Supply Chain Management Limited Optional
404 Infrastructure & Sustainable Development Open Optional
405 Operation Management Compulsory
406 Business Strategies for E-Commerce Limited Optional
5.General & Multicultural Management
Code Title Choice
500 Team Building and leadership  Compulsory
501 Understanding Organisations Compulsory
502 Human Resource Management Compulsory
503 Business and the Meeting of Western & Eastern Civilization Open Optional
504 International Business Negotiation Open Optional
506 Corporate Citizenship & Business Ethics Compulsory 
6.International Experience (Joint Seminars & Study Trips)
Code Title Choice
601 Overseas MBA Exchange Limited Optional
602 Europe Study Trip Limited Optional
7. Integration
Code Title Choice
701 Integration (Markstrat) Compulsory (at least choose one from 701 & 702)
702 Integration (M&A)
  Final Professional Project Compulsory