Course Catalog

SIMBA participants are required to complete the whole programme over a period of two years. 

All credit courses are taught in English. For each course, the visiting foreign professor is paired with a Chinese member of the faculty. 

The learning approach uses a variety of pedagogical methods, including problem-based action learning, interactive discussions, case analysis, oral presentations, simulations and company projects. Academic evaluation is based upon individual performance (up to 50% of the final grade for each Module) and upon team performance, primarily through project works, papers, presentations and exams. 

There are 29-33 courses offered in 7 key Study Streams. (Students can apply Overseas MBA Exchange and choose 4 course at most).

So as to comply with AMBA's high standards of curriculum structure and delivery, SIMBA curriculum will be as follows : 

A. First year: 

A.1. Status of all Modules : Compulsory
Aim: To Standardise the level of basic knowledge and of norms of presentation as well as preparations for Team-Working.
Modules will be given by small groups at a rhythm of 1-2 per month.    
Title Stream

Oral & written Presentation skills


Introduction to Accounting & Finance Introduction
Basics of Calculus Statistics & Analysis Introduction
A.2. Status of all Modules : Compulsory 
Aim: To constitute the core of knowledge any MBA graduate should acquire and any manager should master.
Modules will be given at a rhythm of one module per month.
Title Stream
Global Business Economics Business, Finance & Economics
Managerial Accounting Business, Finance & Economics
Corporate Finance Business, Finance & Economics
Marketing I International Marketing & Global Strategy
Strategic Management International Marketing & Global Strategy
Management of Information System Business Development & New Technologies
Operations Management Business Development & New Technologies
Team Building & Leadership General & Multicultural Management
Understanding Organizations General & Multicultural Management
Human Resources Management General & Multicultural Management
Corporate Citizenship & Business Ethics General & Multicultural Management


B 2nd year
B.1. Status of all Modules : 
Open Optional (No pre-requisites for admission) 
Aim : To enable all participant to further acquire further managerial knowledge beyond the Core Modules.
Modules will be given at a rhythm of one module per month. 
Title Stream
Technology Strategy & Innovation Management International Marketing & Global Strategy
Entrepreneurship International Marketing & Global Strategy
Infrastructure & Sustainable Development Business Development & New Technologies
International Business Negotiation General & Multicultural Management
Business and the Meeting of Western & Eastern Civilization General & Multicultural Management


B.2. Status of all Modules : Limited Optional Modules (limited to only a certain number of students and subject to admission prerequisites).

They will be given at a rhythm of 2 Modules per month, over the same weekend, so a choice of one out of 2 possible Modules per month should be made according to the Participant's prior achievements and personal likings. 
Aim : To further deepen the knowledge acquired by the Compulsory and/or Open-Optional Modules.
Title Stream
Introduction to Chinese Economy Business, Finance & Economics
Investment Management Business, Finance & Economics
Business Plan Business, Finance & Economics
Marketing II International Marketing & Global Strategy
Project Management Business Development & New Technologies
Global Supply Chain Management Business Development & New Technologies
Business Strategies for E-Commerce Business Development & New Technologies
Overseas MBA Exchange International Experience
Europe Study Trip International Experience
B.3. Status of all Modules :Compulsory
Aim : To reflect upon and use all the knowledge and experience gained during the MBA studies.
Title Stream
Integration (Markstrat) Integration
Integration (M&A) Integration
Final Professional Project Integration